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About Anti Hunger Squad Foundation

Anti Hunger Squad Foundation was  started by Zeeshan Majid.An Mba graduate from Kolkata.​​​According to Zeeshan: “I was on my way to office one day, when I came across a man who was lying on the road. He was severely injured. I took him to the NRS Hospital and that is where the whole idea started.The food camp started on 20th May 2018 and Zeeshan has been doing this sincerely everyday.  It is a completely self- fundled project. Food for around 350 people is prepared and is distributed to people in front of hospitals. Usually, delicious home-made food like vegetable pulao or khichdi is served. Zeeshan hires a separate cook at home who makes food for around 350 people in a day.He has covered almost all the government hospitals but usually targets Chittaranjan Hospital and NRS Hospital.“I feel a sense of relief when I see the satisfied faces of patients and their families. It gives me an inexpressible sense of gratification,” says Zeeshan.

Anti Hunger Squad Foundation

Anti Hunger Squad Foundation was established in 2018 by Zeeshan Majeed an Mba graduate from kolkata, we have been continually working for social integration of underprivileged children & people, persons with special ability and women & girls of our community.   We believe that a world without barriers is a right not luxury.

Our primary areas of interventions are: Healthcare, Education, Food Security, and Empowerment. We have holistic approach and our style is active participation rather than theory.

Our programs are designed to reach out to the most marginalized communities; we try and ensure that underprivileged children & people, persons with special ability and women & girls are nourished and healthy, get to learn, stay away from danger and are able to reach/realize their full potential. During disasters, we always provide life-saving humanitarian aid to the affected people.

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Team Anti Hunger Squad Foundation

Empower every person to drive a new era of development, growth and productivity to achieve more. Also supporting the overall development of the underprivileged.

To be an equal opportunity provider for the upliftment of the underprivileged children & people, persons with special ability and women &girls by providing them timely education, shelter, food, medical support, care and confidence.

To empower the Underprivileged, persons with special ability and women by assisting them to lead a dignified, respectful& healthy life.

Anti Hunger Squad Foundation (AHSF). It was set up by footwear company owner Zeeshan Majeed, a resident of Topsia in the eastern part of Kolkata.

Zeeshan’s organisation is working for the last two years in feeding the hungry, focusing primarily on poor people coming for treatment at government hospitals. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic raging, he has turned his attention towards the destitute.

 The Limca Book of Records achiever for setting up 50 food camps in hospitals in a swift time last year said, “There is a story behind my involvement in feeding the people in need. Last year, I was going to my office when I came across an accident. I took the victim to hospital and saw how patients and their family members struggle to get healthy food with the limited money they have. Then I decided to start this foundation to feed them. But now I have extended my service to the destitute also as there is no one to take care of them.”

Zeeshan said once a week, mostly on Sundays, he gets home-cooked healthy food, loads it in his car, and then goes to various government hospitals to feed the patients' family members. "I make sure that it reaches the right person. 

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Be it for a personal need, social cause or a creative idea - you can count on us for
the project that you want to raise funds for.
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Be it for a personal need, social cause or a creative idea - you can count on us for
the project that you want to raise funds for.

Natural Calamities

Millions of families in India go hungry every year. Help us provide them with enough to eat.

Covid 19

We at Anti Hunger Squad Foundation are trying to spread awareness on Coronavirus. We have pledged to fight this deadly virus and defeat it. As the crisis around the Covid-19 pandemic grows, the livelihoods of a large number of families surviving on daily wages have been shaken up. We have initiated a campaign to provide food support to such families and to help them have a reliable supply of meals in the absence of employment opportunities.

Amphan Cyclone Relief

Non-stop rainfall and heavy flooding have destroyed large parts of west bengal, leaving many persons stranded. People from all walks of life are engaged in efforts to provide relief to those affected by the cyclone. Anti Hunger Squad Foundation  has set up a Relief Fund, to which generous contributors are invited. You can directly donate in cash or cheque on the favour of Anti Hunger Squad Foundation. The funds will be directly utilised for providing direct relief to west bengal people. 
Material donations are also accepted.

Donors are requested to donate Material donations are also accepted.

Individuals are requested to donate 

  • Detergent

  • Soap: Bath and washing

  • Bleaching powder

  • Undergarments: Ladies & Gents

  • Sanitary Pad/Diapers

  • Gloves

  • Masks

  • New Garments: Ladies, Gents and Kids

  • Gum Boots

  • Floor Cleaner

  • Bed sheets, Blankets, Pillow

  • Torch ( Suiting batteries) 

The country needs your help!!