Project Dawat E Aam

Project : Dawat E Aam Covid19 Relief 19/3/22 #antihungersquadfoundation #zeeshanmajeedantihungersquad "Acknowledge The Entire Human Race As One" Successful 579Camp Location : Nrs Hospital Kolkata Beneficiary : 800 By the grace of almighty! Daily free food distribution "Aao Ek Nayi Soch Banayay Kisi Bhukay Ko Khana Khilayay" May Almighty accept our deeds Thank you Kolkata police for supporting us! We are now Covered Under 12A 80G tax exemption. For more information visit our website Donation link:

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Project : Dawat E Aam 27/5/22 "Acknowledge The Entire Human Race As One" #antihungersquadfoundation #zeeshanmajeedantihungersquad Successful 623Camp Location : Nrs Hospital Kolkata By the grace of a