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Help The Homeless Blanket Distribution Drive 2022 17/12/22 666camp

Project:Help The Homeless is another initiative taken by Anti Hunger Squad Foundation.As the drive started with the voluntary support of The Interact Club:Frank Anthony Public School senior students on the streets of Kolkata where homeless people were sleeping on the footpath with using plastic sacks to fight with the cold breeze.Children were shivering as it was all open from every where for the cool breeze to hit them.Seeing this Anti hunger squad and Interact Club:Frank Anthony Public School came as a ray of hope for them by putting the blankets on them.


Time 9pm

Location: Streets of Kolkata Founder :Zeeshan Majeed

Anti Hunger Squad Foundation












Big thanks to all the donors who have supported this drive.

Special thanks to Mokhtar Sir for voluntarily supporting us!

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