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Amphan cyclone relief kolkata Nrs hospital




Successful 158th Camp 25/5/20 Location : kolkata 24/7 Helpline No:7278676040 Calling All Good Samaritans and businesses In light of the ongoing Amphan cyclone crisis, our Anti Hunger Squad Team are providing essential supplies in different locations of West Bengal We are seeking donations of ●hand sanitizers ●wet wipes ●disposable gloves ●face masks ●dry/ tinned foods, detergents ! ●FoodPackets ●Biscuits ●Ration ●Milk If you can help pls contact :7278676040 To Make a donation to Anti Hunger Squad Foundation please click on the following link below: Donate link: PAYTM:7278676040 AntiHungerSquad We would like to thanks all our well wishers for supporting us ! "Aao Ek Nayi Soch Banayay Kisi Bhukay Ko Khana Khilayay" May Almighty accept our deeds For more information visit our website

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